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My Types of Stories

Sure, you like me (I'm very likeable), but will you like my work? However will we bridge this gap betwen us? How can you find out if you'll like something you may never have tried before? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY UNKNOWNS TO LIFE?


Thankfully, I have a solution for that. Sure, you could take the easy route and read some of my published work. But I sense you're not the kind of person to take the easy route. I respect that.


My work's been influenced by a lot of things. If you're my kind of reader, you'll also love stories:                 

That make you uncomfortable to be in a dark room alone


About good people that walk in the shadow of themselves or evil people that think they're basking in the light


That include all things myth or legend, particularly those of the Celtic variety


That offer a glimpses of the monster underneath


Where redemption can be found in the strangest of places under the unlikeliest of conditions


Where every action walks a line, regardless of the intentions 

Come explore these with me. Maybe we can hold hands while we whistle past a few graveyards. 

My Influences

Stephen King


A master of suspenseful, thrilling horror that utilizes dynamic, complex characterization to make multiple layers of good and evil stand out. Many times there's a supernatural twist or element to the story. But the gut punch of terror or deepest emotion often comes from the simplest of things: an abusive relationship, a childhood fear come to life, monsters with the faces of men, the loss of a loved one. 














Maggie Stiefvater


A lover of stories involving some supernatural or mythical twist, teen angst, and overcoming difficult odds. Her characters don't say the expected, don't shy away from the obstacles needed for true character growth, or flinch from their own weaknesses (for long). I'm most in love with her short stories. Also? She's snarky, and I like that.

Juliet Marillier


Her amazing ability to combine unique twists on fairy tales with historical fantasy (is that a thing? I'm going to say that's a thing) is enthralling. Couple that with her lyrical writing and ability to get at the heart of flawed characters in a way that makes their character arcs ring so true...her work always captivates me.

Anne McCaffrey


Her Pern series cemented my love for science fiction/fantasy. With strong female characters, empathetic dragon relationships, and detailed worldbuilding, she was an incredible writer. She was one of the first writers to have believable relationships with other creatures. It's a concept I'm constantly playing with.

Naomi Novik


I'm new to her work, but I'm finding myself sorry it took me so long to find her. From characters whose dialogue is razor sharp to beautiful and rich worldbuilding history, she is a powerhouse of a writer. Her work makes you feel completely swept away into the world she's created, whether it's a fairy tale twist or historical fantasy.

Short Story Collections I Adore

If you want to curl up with something that'll both cause and ease a longing in your creative heart, grab a cup of tea and curl up with one of these. Or all of these. In fact, just plant a few in each bathroom in your house--you're gonna want to spend some time with 'em.

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