I'm glad you're here! Did you do something different with your hair?  I like it.



I write novels, short stories, and bad poetry under the name "Danielle Davis", which is an anagram of my real name, Danielle Davis. My dark fantasy and speculative fiction have been published both here and abroad by several people with excellent taste. You should check it out--all the cool kids are doing it.

I enjoy learning how to play instruments that few people are familiar with. I'm an ink-slave and a kinemortophobe. I answer the hard questions, like, "How was your day?" and "Who ate all the chocolate chip cookies?" 


I hail from Memphis, TN by way of northern VA where I live with a physicist, our progeny, a Simple Dog, an Average Dane, and a fish called Wanda.


Feel free to invite me to tea but only if you can promise I'll be home by bedtime.