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Bone On Bone: A Collection of Short Stories


Kelpies and krakens, cannibals and curses... find out what happens when they collide in this collection of 12 short stories by internationally published author Danielle Davis. 


There’s a little bit of everyone’s flavor between these pages, from steampunk love to horrific barters, dinopunk cowboys and basilisk handlers. This short story collection begs to be read by those who want their reading experiences to be a bit like a charcuterie board: a literary variety of the best Danielle Davis has to offer.  


Bone on Bone: A Collection of Short Stories is an exciting gathering of Danielle Davis’s favorite published stories, plus a pair of never-before-published stories guaranteed to leave you wanting more. So grab your flashlight and step with her into the darkness tonight! 

Available on ebook and audiobook at Amazon and Audible

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Stories & Short Fiction

"Choosing Day," Winter Solstice 2023: Horror (Eternal Haunted Summer)

"Beware the Snow Bunnies," Still of Winter: An Unsettling Reads Anthology (Unsettling Reads)

"The Bastard's Bluff," Tumbled Tales: An Anthology of Unconventional Stories (Wandering Wave Press)


A dinopunk western about a cowboy and a talking raven who are on a mission to steal back a stolen genie lamp. 

Tumbled Tales.PNG

"Honor Among Thieves," Cosmic Menagerie (Black Ink Fiction)


A (mostly) straight-arrow charterboat captain and her rag-tag band of associates as they charter a risky galactic outing to view the elusive astro-maritime creatures known as nebula sharks. But the risk is rarely worth the reward, as Captain Emerson quickly finds out.

cosmic menagerie.PNG

"Swimming the Seams" and "The Lament," Annihilation Drabbles 3, (Black Ink Fiction) [repub]


"Burnt Heart, Bound Feet," Supernatural Tales: Issue 39 [repub.]

"Consequences," Truth or Dare (Black Ink Fiction)

"Prophet," Odd Playthings: Tales of Toys and Terror (Black Ink Fiction)

"The Prophecy of the Seven Dynasties," Valor (Dragon Soul Press)


A woman must return a cursed book to its rightful owner in order to stop the evil sorcerer that killed her husband.


"A Curse of Red," Timeless 2 (Dragon Soul Press) [repub.]


A dark fairytale about a couple seeking to break a curse--if Red Riding Hood met the Bisclavret fairytale.

timeless 2.JPG

"Flight 457 to Portland," It Was All a Dream: Bad Horror Tropes Done Right, (Hungry Shadows Press) [forthcoming]


"Home Is Where Your Hearts Are," Monsters A-Z: Aliens (Raven and Drake Publishing) [repub.]

"Leviathan," Dark Secrets (Madhouse Books Publishing) [forthcoming]

"Burnt Heart, Bound Feet," Silver Webb's All Hallows Eve (The Santa Barbara Literary Journal) [repub.]

"Kudzu," Chlorophobia: An Eco-Horror Anthology (Ghost Orchid Press)


A broken-down truck leads to trouble in the deep South.


"No Room for Valor," JukePop Serials 



"Dancing in the Dark," Unveiled Secrets (Fantasia Divinity Magazine)

"The Kissing Machine," Science Fiction Romance Quarterly (now The Galaxy Express), Issue #2


A steampunk romance where a young tinker loses herself in her world of tools, only to find that the human heart is more complex a machine than she gave it credit for.




shark nebula.jpg

From "Choosing Day":


"From the loft, Murphy nudged Nigel and pointed to a brunette girl with yellow ducks on the hem of her frilly dress.

'There’s Maria Hettinger!' he whispered. 'I’ll bet she’s going to make it this year.'


But Nigel shook his head. 'Nah. It’s Arya Stoneburner. She almost made it last year.'


'Do you really think they’ll get their wish?' Murphy had always wondered how that worked. For the family of the Chosen girl, there was always one wish granted by the unicorn. But he’d never seen anything special happen to the Chosen families. Certainly, nobody suddenly won the lotto or had a perfect crop that year. But that was supposed to be how it worked. That was the whole deal. 


'Of course they will. Why else would they go through all this?' Nigel asked with scorn in his voice. 


But Murphy wondered..."

This story appeared in Winter Solstice 2023: Horror
(Eternal Haunted Summer)

"Thief," Literary Juice, Aug. 2013



"The Death of Santa Clause," Strange Christmas (Whortleberry Press)

(In Kindle or Print)

"Bay the Wendigo," 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF & Fantasy Tales (Dreamscape Press)


A drabble (100-word story) about a wendigo trapped in a concentration camp.

"Katrina Jones," Lamplit Underground, July 28, 2015



"Burnt Heart, Bound Feet" The Astounding Outpost

"The Egregia Cum Laude Advendure: A Sherlock Holmes Beginnings Story," Candlesticks and Daggers (Ed. Kelly Ann Jacobson)

(At Createspace or Amazon)

As a university student in 1901, Sherlock's called to solve a murder that happened on campus. The only catch: it's already been solved.

"The Courier," kINKED (Pen and Kink Press)


A man’s body is used to deliver a very different kind of message to a domineering masochist. 

"Nixed," Andromeda Spaceways MagazineIssue #62


"Swimming the Seams" and "The Lament" [repub.], Tailfins & Sealskins: An Anthology of Water Lore (Three Drops Press)


"U is for...," E is for Evil  (World Weaver Press)

"Q is for...," F is for Fairy (Poise and Pen Publishing) 

"Toulouse and the Hotel Marque," Dark Tidings: Tales to Read by the Fire

A tale about one man's encounter with a spooky hotel and its spookier butler.

dark tidings cover.PNG

"Home is Where Your Hearts Are," Alien Dimensions MagazineIssue #12

"A Good  Barter," Creatures (Tell-Tale Press)

"Finders Keepers," A Celebration of Storytelling (Dark Owl Publishing)

A tale of a strange carnival and the strange inhabitants a girl finds inside.


"The Lament," Fantastic Frontiers, Issue #1



"The Collection," Beorh Quarterly, Winter 2013 C.E. Issue

"Mexican Spiny Pocket Mouse," Cross Review & Reading Series


"The True Defense/Admission of Bill B.," True Truth Series, Vol. #1


A two-way poem, when read from top-to-bottom, you have "The True Defense of Bill B.," but when read in reverse you have "The Admission of Bill B." 


"Reboot Your Novel with the Short-Story Remedy," Writer Unboxed blog

"It's Not Me, It's the Story," Writer Unboxed blog

"My Tween Daughter Is Growing Up So Fast," Your Teen for Parents magazine

"Mom Life: Parenting Tweens Can Be a Struggle," Your Teen for Parents magazine

"Managing Your Tween’s Big Emotions in Troubled Times," Your Teen for Parents magazine

"Random Acts of Kindness in an Unkind World," Your Teen for Parents magazine

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