Recently widowed Victor is struggling to keep his young daughter alive amid an invasion of mutated, wolf-like creatures known as the howlers. But the struggle to survive is the least of Victor's problems. A coward by nature, he is forced to become a leader as others join their group searching for a safe haven. Can Victor hold himself and the band of drifters together, fighting both his own self-doubt and the dangers on the road? Because the howlers aren't the only monsters out there. 



No Room for Valor is currently seeking agent representation.

Stories & Short Fiction

"The Lament," Fantastic Frontiers, Issue #1



"The Collection," Beorh Quarterly, Winter 2013 C.E. Issue

"The Kissing Machine," Science Fiction Romance QuarterlyIssue #2


A steampunk romance where a young tinker loses herself in her world of tools, only to find that the human heart is more complex a machine than she gave it credit for.

"Thief," Literary Juice, Aug. 2013



"The Death of Santa Clause," Strange Christmas (Whortleberry Press)

(In Kindle or Print)

"Bay the Wendigo," 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF & Fantasy Tales (Dreamscape Press)


A drabble (100-word story) about a wendigo trapped in a concentration camp.

"The Egregia Cum Laude Advendure: A Sherlock Holmes Beginnings Story," Candlesticks and Daggers (Ed. Kelly Ann Jacobson)

(At Createspace or Amazon)

As a university student in 1901, Sherlock's called to solve a murder that happened on campus. The only catch: it's already been solved.

"Katrina Jones," Lamplit Underground, July 28, 2015



"Burnt Heart, Bound Feet" The Astounding Outpost

"The Courier," kINKED (Pen and Kink Press)


A man’s body is used to deliver a very different kind of message to a domineering masochist. 

"Nixed," Andromeda Spaceways MagazineIssue #62


"The Lament," Tailfins & Sealskins: An Anthology of Water Lore (Three Drops Press) [repub.]


"U is for...," E is for Evil  (World Weaver Press)

"Q is for...," F is for Fairy (World Weaver Press) 

"Toulouse and the Hotel Marque," Dark Tidings: Tales to Read by the Fire

A tale about one man's encounter with a spooky hotel and its spookier butler.

dark tidings cover.PNG




"Justice" by Aditya Ikranegara

From "Finders Keepers":


"On the shelves were jars. And in them were fairies. At least two dozen of them, each within their own oversized Mason jar covered by a thin mesh duct taped over the opening. 

Goldie acted as the tour guide. She moved as fast or as slow as we did around the room and told us about each fairy we bent to examine. 

In one jar, a small naked figure stood staring defiantly up at us with eyes made of ice chips. “An ice fairy,” Goldie said in a soft voice. The figure was about as tall as my hand if I measured from wrist to the tip of my middle finger and looked to be male, though his genital area was smoothly rounded like a child’s doll. His skin glittered all over with a fine dusting of hoarfrost. On his head were small, frosted icicles of hair that stood up like a hedgehog’s quills. His hard wings, attached to his back near his shoulder blades, formed sharp geometric triangles of ice fractals. They fanned the air in spurts like a butterfly..."

This story will appear in A Celebration of Storytelling in December 2020.

"Home is Where Your Hearts Are," Alien Dimensions MagazineIssue #12

"A Good  Barter," Creatures (Tell-Tale Press)

"Finders Keepers," A Celebration of Storytelling (Dark Owl Publishing)

A tale of a strange carnival and the strange inhabitants a girl finds inside.



"A Curse of Red," Rosette Maleficarum 

"Dancing in the Dark," Unveiled Secrets (Fantasia Divinity Magazine)

"The True Defense/Admission of Bill B.," True Truth Series, Vol. #1


A two-way poem, when read from top-to-bottom, you have "The True Defense of Bill B.," but when read in reverse you have "The Admission of Bill B." 

"Mexican Spiny Pocket Mouse," Cross Review & Reading Series