"Demons" by Deviantart user anotherone0

Solace: A Villanelle

By Danielle Davis

As it should forever be,

making our magic, quelling our qualms,

just you and me.

As children we

licked and linked our palms.

As it should forever be.

Pacts, fears, promises shared beneath a tree

made of ash or oak, singing our psalms,

just you and me.

Later, long-distanced, I confess, "I'm in the dark, can't break free."

I hear her tongue slide across palm,

"As it should ever be.

"You keep trying to banish the darkness," said she,

"And yet turn to me when you seek calm;

just you and me.

"But I am your demons. You can't break free

While, with conjures and schemes, you I embalm,

as it will always be:

just you and me."

See what thegirl-writes did with this week's prompt!

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