Let's get it on!

I just launched my new author site and I'm as excited as...

...well, I'm just really excited. My old Wordpress blog will still remain up, so you'll be able to visit legacy posts, but all new content will go here from now on.

I'm kicking off the new website by tracing back to the most recent (and still current) project I'm working on: the September Stories! I transplanted them to this site so they'd all remain one big happy single-site family.

For those who are just joining us, my September Stories project started off with a simple idea: I'd write a short story every day in September based off volunteers' answers to specific criteria. From those answers, stories were born! (Except that some of them were late-bloomers and an unexpected injury caused this project to creep into October...but I digress.)

If you want to see a specific story for the Sept. Stories project, see below:

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